Details, Details


Oh, details. This is honestly the most frustrating part of painting, if you’re impatient. I like to get things done fast. But the longer you spend on the details in your painting, the better it will turn out. It really is time-consuming, but totally worth it in the end.

For this post I will be focusing on putting detail inside the eye. Remember to pick your focal point (where you want the attention to be emphasized), paint that first and then work your way around it.

Before we dive into detail, create a common base color that you see in your reference photo. This color will be canceled out by 80% when you’re finished with the detail.

After putting some Raw Sienna and yellow around the Burnt Umber (brown shade), I added some warmth to the eye by painting red. It may look a little scary at first and you’re going to think that the whole eyeball will turn a horrendous red, but after using the detailed brush (in the photo above) to stipple the red color, I like to blend it out with a slightly larger brush. This is my favorite method of painting, it’s honestly so much fun! You can stipple in two different colors on your painting and just blend to create depth into your painting (if you prefer not to mix on your palette). I like to do this for small areas in the painting.

Because of the brown, the red easily created a warm orange color. Next I will be painting the pupil and the iris to create more dimension in the painting and finish up with some eyelashes.

Using the same tiny brush, I created lines from the outside of the eye, towards the pupil to make the painting look more textured and realistic.

The next step from here would be to create texture around the eye by using…… yes, detail.



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