You Are Your Worst Critic

Whenever I finish a piece of artwork, I immediately start pointing out all the flaws in it and end up driving myself to hating the piece. But to other people the painting may seem wonderful. Do not stress out if your end product does not end up becoming what you expected. A lot of times paintings turn out better than the photo, and that is honestly the best feeling. Worrying about getting every small detail exactly as it is in your reference photo is a huge mistake. It’s alright to venture beyond and create something a little different from what you intended.

A lot of abstract paintings are based under creating the illusion of something through art. I admire these kinds of paintings because they are appealing to the eyes, and inspire me to try something new in my own paintings. Through varying colors and the different strokes of paint, you can easily evoke all kinds of emotion from a simple painting.

Keep updated on my blog as I will teach you how to paint your own abstract painting!

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